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BetaFPV ELRS Micro TX Module Cooling Fan

5.57 EUR
Model: beta_cooling_fan


Cooling Fan Performance

We have tested the temperature. With 500mW maximum RF output and 30 minutes powering on, the temperature of the RF chip can be kept under 50 degrees Celsius and about 30 degrees for the case. It proves that the module can perform properly in daily use and need not worry about the temperature. Also, for the black version (maximum 1W), the temperature can be kept under 65 degrees, with a heat sink in our testing. Results are also showing that the temperature of the RGB LED would be 10 degrees higher for both 500mW and 1W RF module. This is the reason why the cooling fan component is needed in this situation.


Cooling Fan Weight 6g
Cooling Fan Size 25.5*25.5*10.7mm

Package included

1 * Micro TX Module Cooling Fan


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