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TORVOL Quad PITSTOP Backpack Pro - Stealth Edition

183.37 EUR
Model: TO015BLCK

The most beloved FPV backpack of any professional pilot now in Black!

Easily carries 4 race quadcopters

Fits transmitter, goggles, chargers and more inside

Torvol PITSTOP area



The most beloved FPV backpack of any professional pilot.

The Torvol Quad PITSTOP Backpack PRO easily carries 4 race quadcopters and all your FPV gear, such as goggles, transmitterLiPo’s, tools and more. It features Torvol’s PITSTOP area, The Torvol smart zipper transforms the backpack into a portable workspace to adjust and modify your quads quickly and effortless.

This quadcopter backpack includes multiple organizer pockets that provide ample space for smaller FPV gear and personal belongings, while larger items like a tripod and a foldable chair can be strapped to the outside.

The dedicated laptop pocket on the back holds a 15-inch laptop and a charger. An expandable rain cover, thick back padding and a hip and sternum strap ensure comfort and convenience while traveling to your race. Torvol’s CLEANSEAT keeps your pants neat on any outdoor space.

*LiPo Safe Bag is not included


Weight 3.05 kg
Dimensions 33 × 27 × 52 cm
Internal Dimensions 24 x 22 x 50 cm
Capacity 30 L
Color Black


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