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SkyZone Cobra S FPV Goggles

205.38 EUR
goggles color


SKYZONE Cobra is a FPV goggle with LCD screen , the screen have vivid color and high luminance , pilot can see more details in the racing . With SteadyView receiver, the receiver merge two signal to one, avoid image tearing and rolling when signal is weak, make image more stable and clear in challenging condition. The goggle support pilot wear glass while fling. The new OS with several languages to set select, pilot have no trouble with the menu system, with shuttle wheel and new user interface, pilot can set all the setting just by rolling the wheel without taking off the goggle. The goggles can Power by 1 cell 18650 battery or 2~6s lipo battery, the USB charging and DC charging make goggle simple to use in the filed.

Three power options (USB-C, 18650, 2-6s lipo)

Easy menu navigation with shuttle scroll wheel

High-resolution 4.3" 800X400 LCD screen

SteadyView Receiver

FOV up to 50°

Built-in DVR


Radio frequency 5.8 GHz
Head Tracker 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-ax is Gyroscope
Power Supply 1 Cell 18650/DC 6.5-25.2V/USB 5V
Receiver 5.8Ghz 48CH SteadyView Receiver
Power Consumption 12V 0.59A 5V 1.4A
DVR MJPEG, SD up to128Gb
Dimensions 190*150*110mm
Language Chinese/English
Resolution 800X480
FOV (Diagonal) 50°
Aspect Ratio 4:3
Model Cobra S
Screen LCD
Weight 332g

Package included

1x Skyzone Cobra S FPV Goggles - Gray

2x 5.8GHz 2dD Antennas

1x Headtracker Cable

1x Video/Audio Cable

1x Receiver Module

1x USB-C Cable

1x Power Cable

1x User Manual

1x Head Strap

Note: 18650 Battery Not Included.


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