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JHEMCU 2.4G ELRS EP24S open source ELRS high refresh rate ultra-small long-range receiver

15.65 EUR
geographical location: FCC & EU-LBT


 The SP24S 2.4GHz ELRS series receiver is based on the open source architecture and program of ExpressLRS. The receiver uses ESP8285 MCU, so you can upgrade the firmware through WIFI. As long as the receiver is powered on and the remote control is turned off, you can find ExpressLRS after a while Connect to this hotspot through a computer or mobile phone. The connection password is expresslrs and it will automatically enter the upgrade page. If you don’t have one, you can manually visit to upload the receiver firmware. Of course you can upgrade the firmware with general flight controller and external USB-TTL.

Because the ELRS receiver uses low-latency and high-refresh RF chips, it is very suitable for FPV competitions and remote FPV. At the same time, these receivers have ultra-light and ultra-small sizes, so they are very suitable for Tinywhoop.

Regarding the choice of receiver firmware, our default shipment is DIY_2400_RX_ESP8285_SX1280. The receiver firmware content of each manufacturer is basically the same, but the name is different (except BETAFPV, which has different circuits).

Indicator status:

Double flash: pairing mode

Slow flashing: No transmission signal is received

Steady on: receive the transmit signal

Fast flashing: WIFI upgrade mode


2.4G ISM type



Frequency range: 2400 MHZ To 2500 MHZ

Maximum receiving refresh rate: 500HZ

Minimum receiving refresh rate: 25HZ

Working voltage: 5V

Weight: 0.5g (without antenna)

Working Agreement: CRSF (Betaflight)

SP24S: SMD 2.4GHz imported ceramic antenna Peak gain: 3.7dB Size: 11mm*11mm*6mm

Linking steps:

1. After the receiver is connected to the flight controller, connect the USB to power the flight controller. After inserting the USB for the first time, disconnect the USB as soon as the LED on the receiver turns off. Repeat the operation twice, when the USB is inserted for the third time, the LED will start to flash double, and the receiver will enter the code matching mode.

2. After correctly connecting the 2.4G ELRS tuner module and the remote control, copy the ELRS.LUA file to the SD card in the remote control, the directory is SD Card/Scripts/tools, and then run ELRS.LUA for Bind operation.

3. After the binding is successful, the LED on the receiver will become steady on, and the telemetry signal can be received at the same time.


Antenna connector IPEX (u.FL)
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 11x11X3 mm
Input voltage 5 Volts
Radio frequency 2.4 GHz
Weight 0,5 g

Package included

1 x Receiver

4 x Wire

1 x T Antenna


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