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Hglrc Specter 40A 4-6S BLS MPU6000 AIO

107.77 EUR
Model: hglrc_specter_40_4-6S_MPU6000_AIO


Hglrc Specter 40A 4-6S AIO

The flight controller is equipped with STM32 F722 main control and MPU6000 gyroscope, camera, receiver, HD/analog two-in-one direct plug-in interface

Product selling points:
*Equipped with MPU6000 gyroscope
* Camera, receiver, HD/ analog two-in-one direct plug interface
*Support GPS
* Bl firmware is flashed by default, you can flash bluejay by yourself to improve flight efficiency
* Suitable for mainstream 2-4 inch ring machines and toothpick frames
* Supports input voltage up to 4-6s

Product parameters
Product name: SPECTER 40A 4-6S AIO
MCU: STM32F722
MPU: MPU6000
OSD: Support
LED: Support
Bee Narrator: Support
Continuous current: 40A
Peak current: 50A (10S)
Electrochemical protocol: DSHOT600, Oneshot, Multishot
Flying control firmware: HGLRCF722AIO
Electrochemical firmware: BLS (brushing Bluejay 96K)
Electric: 8 -bit electrical
Input voltage: 4-6S 14.8V-22.2V (lipo)
Size: 34x34mm
Install holes: 25.5x25.5mm.m2
Weight: 9.8g

Shipping list:
1X Specter 40A 4-6S AIO
1x XT60 16AWG 100MM Gongtou Power Cable
1x #30AWG, line length 60mm, single head SH1.0-3P/single head SH1.25-3P camera head line
1x30AWG, line length 70mm, double head SH1.0-4P receiving machine line
1x30AWG line length 70mm, single head SH1.0-7P/single head SH1.0-6p HD map passing line
1x30AWG line length 70mm, single head GH1.25-6P/single SH1.0-7P simulation map passing line
4X m2*6.6 shock reduction column
4xm2*12 black nickel screws
4x self -lock M2 nut


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 34X34 mm
ESC firmware BLHeli S
OSD yes
Mounting pattern 25.5x25.5 mm (whoop)
Steady current 40 A
voltage 4-6 cell (14.8V-22.2V)
Weight 9,8 g

Package included


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