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HGLRC SPECTER 1002 21000KV brushless motor

14.53 EUR
Model: HGLRC_SPECTER_1002_21000KV



1. Brand new rotor appearance design, anodized two-color process
2. 7075 aviation aluminum material, high-strength one-piece rotor
3. Customized N52H curved magnetic steel, strong magnetism, high torque
4. Super high temperature resistant 200° copper wire winding, the motor runs more stably
5. Imported Kawasaki silicon steel sheets, low loss stator, reduce heat generation and improve efficiency
6. New and optimized tuning, maintain high torque at low speed, linear power output when the throttle changes rapidly, and precise and fast response when turning
7. Alloy Steel Outlet Shaft, high strength and reduce the weight of the fuselage
8. Suitable for 65 Tiny drone or 65 toothpick drone


Motor: 21000KV
Slot pole: 9N12P
Maximum continuous current: 13.5A
Maximum power: 85W
Input voltage: 1s
ESC:> 5A
Recommended propeller: 1.6-2 inches
Motor size: Φ13.59mx 8.25mm
Mounting hole: 3*M1.4-∅6.6
Weight: 2.5g (including wire)
Line length:45mm

Packing List:

1002 21000KV motor x 1
M1.4 screws x 4



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