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HGLRC Rekon35 Long Range frame Analog

36.37 EUR
Váz mérete: 3,5 inch


The HGLRC Rekon35 Long Range Frame Analog is a compact 3.5-inch frame designed for extended-range flights. Its robust construction ensures durability without compromising on weight. With a focus on efficient component placement, this frame accommodates analog setups for reliable long-range FPV exploration. Whether cruising through challenging terrains or capturing scenic vistas, the Rekon35 frame provides a stable and dependable platform for building a versatile long-range FPV drone.


  1. Product name: Rekon 3.5 inch fpv frame kit
  2. Model: Rekon3.5 LR frame kit
  3. Material: 3K carbon fiber
  4. Type: 3.5 inch frame
  5. Wheelbase: 160mm
  6. Outer size: 150 * 150mm
  7. Middle plate arm: 2.5mm
  8. Sidearm: 1.5mm
  9. Floor: 1mm
  10. Flight controller mounting hole: 25.525.5mm*M2
  11. Motor mounting hole: 9*4mm
  12. Support camera: 19mm
  13. 2S 18650 battery tray
  14. Weight:46.4g


  1. Efficient and quiet sub 250g 3.5 platform with 15+ min flight time
  2. 1303.5 5500kV motors provide decent flight performance
  3. Works with any high discharge 18650s
  4. Built-in reliable power supply for the DJI Vista unit
  5. Can carry a Naked GoPro or Insta 360 Go camera
  6. Full wide-ranging GPS and return-to-home functions


Mounting pattern 25.5x25.5 mm (whoop)
stílus Long Range
Weight 46,4 g

Package included

2 x M3 8mm Screw

2 x M2 25mm Screw

4 x M2 10mm Screw

6 x M2 6mm Screw

2 x M2 4mm Screw

2 x M3 Self-tightening nuts

6 x M2 Self-tightening nuts

3 x M2 28mm Aluminium Column

1 x TPU GPS Mount

1 x TPU Fixing bracket

1 x Black TPU Naked GoPro Fixing base


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