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HGLRC Hermes ExpressLRS 2400TX TX module

90.97 EUR
geographical location: EU LBT


Transmitter module features:
1. Hermes ExpressLRS 2400TX TX module is currently the module with the lowest delay and the highest refresh rate on the market. It has an ultra-high refresh rate of 500Hz and is specially designed for FPV racing.
2. ExpressLRS firmware is pre-installed. You will only need a remote controller that supports OpenTX, and use the LUA script to configure the parameters.
3. To upgrade the module, you can connect it to Wifi, and then visit (Wifi password expresslrs) through the browser to update the firmware.
4. Comes with heat dissipation module, which helps effectively dissipate heat under high power conditions for stable operation.


Frequency Range 2400 MHz
Receiving refresh rate 25Hz-500Hz
RF Output Power 10dBm - 24dBm
Support voltage 6.5-17V
Antenna gain 2dBi
Size 68mm * 48.5mm * 8mm
JR standard 5pin socket
Weight 37.5g (without antenna)

Package included

1 x TX module

1 x antenna


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