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GEPRC Super Buzzer cu baterie incorporata si led

12.57 EUR


GEPRC Super Buzzer is compatible with all betaflight flight controllers and synchronized with flight control, It means that Nothing affect the running of betaflight and There are No interfere with each other. Just need connect to the buzzer signal line of the flight controller and it will work. Triggering Beeping after power off, it will still emit 100 decibels sound automatically, The LED will flashing at the same time, In any situations, The FPV lost can be alarmed, The approximate position of FPV can be judged by sound, It will increases the probability of finding the missing FPV. it’s always nice to have GEPRC Super Buzzer anyway

There are two ways to start the machine: 

  • Light-touch switch to open the beeping with only one press
  • Power on the FPV directly and It can be turn on automatically

How to turn off the buzzer: 

Light-touch switch to close the beeping with only one press

How to charge: 

Please connecting the 5V input of flight control, it will be charge automatically


volume 100 dB
Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 25x13x12 mm
Mounting pattern free
Weight 3.5 g

Package included

1 x Super buzzer


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