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BetaFPV Micro Air Canopy Black

5.57 EUR
Model: beta_micro_air_canopy_black


To elevate the flying experience, DIY enthusiasts have consistently prioritized the reduction of weight for the attainment of ultra-light structure for 1S whoop drones. Consequently, we have devised an exceedingly light Micro Air Canopy, weighing a mere 0.74g, that not only facilitates camera angle adjustment from 25° to 50° but also has antenna mounts, incorporated at the tail. If your goal is to optimize canopy functionality while minimizing weight to obtain a Sub18g 65mm Whoop, this option stands as the definitive choice.

Bullet Point

  • With a mere weight of 0.74g, the canopy boasts a simplistic yet durable structure, ensuring effortless installation. It stands as the premier pick for ultra-light small whoop drones.
  • This hollow-out design reshape the installation space and accommodates an assortment of Micro and Nano-sized Analog and HD Digital cameras that are widely sought after in the market.
  • Positioned at the canopy's tail, reserved 4 antenna mounts enable seamless adjustment of the camera angle, offering a versatile range spanning from 25° to 50°, capturing the optimal image.


  • Item: Micro Air Canopy
  • Material: PP
  • Tilt: 25°~50° (Adjustable)
  • Weight: 0.74g (Including one Camera Fixed Screw)
  • Color: Black, White, Transparent White, Transparent Blue, Transparent Purple, Transparent Green

More Compatibility

Micro Air Canopy is the ideal option for constructing or enhancing ultra-light whoop drones featuring HD Digital VTX or Analog VTX, owing to its exceptional compatibility. This hollow-out design reshape the installation space and accommodates an assortment of Micro and Nano Analog and HD Digital cameras. So Micro Air Canopy provides full support for the C03 Camera, C02 Camera, Avatar HD Lite Camera, ANT Lite Camera, and other cameras possessing a lens diameter of 9-10mm.

Note: Micro Air Canopy doesn't support the installation of M03 VTX, and there is no fixed mount for it.

Infinite Personalization

We provide diverse color options for the Micro Air Canopy, enabling greater freedom for personality. This allows for aligning or color clashing the canopy color with your drone's theme. And equipped with our various colors of Meteor65 Air Brushless Whoop Frame adds flexibility, and agility during flight. Your drone will capture people's attention and showcase your unique personality and creativity.

Package included

1 * Micro Air Canopy

2 * M1.4×5 Screws

5 * M1.4×4 Screws


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