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BetaFPV Loop Antenna 2.4 GHz

12.57 EUR
Model: beta_loop_2.4ghz_ant
Antenna connector
SMA Male
Antenna color


Designed and manufactured by BETAFPV, the Loop Antenna is used for 2.4G/868MHz/915MHz TX modules or radios. It is an omnidirectional antenna that provides a 360-degree horizontal radiation pattern with a gain of 2.3dBi, covering a wider range. Besides, by soldering the coaxial cable to the antenna, it features less signal transmission loss for better performance.


  • Coaxial cable length: 65mm
  • Connector: SMA Male
  • Gain: 2.3dBi
  • VSWR: <1.5
  • Polarization type: Linear polarization
  • Suggested for: BETAFPV Nano TX Module/BETAFPV Micro TX Module, Any 2.4G TX module or radios

Loop Antenna or Moxon Antenna

All antennas have a specific use case and choosing a suitable antenna is important to fly a quadcopter. BETAFPV Loop antenna is an omnidirectional antenna that radiates and receives the RF energy equally, providing a 360-degree radiation pattern that allows connectivity in all horizontal directions. BETAFPV Moxon antenna is a directional antenna that focuses RF energy in a required direction. For example, if pilots fly a quadcopter around within a certain range, the Loop antenna is a good choice. When flying a quadcopter for long distances in one direction, the Moxon antenna works better.

The BETAFPV Loop antenna is omnidirectional with a 360-degree horizontal radiation pattern. Below is the antenna 3D radiation pattern image. Note that do NOT use the antenna with the wrong frequency. Even if they look almost the same, they will have different performances at the wrong frequency. 


Dimensions (Length * Width * Height) 65 mm
Radio frequency 2.4 GHz

Package included

1 * BETAFPV Loop Antenna


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